Refund Policy


After returning your order, the refund policy would vary according to your mode of payment. You will find a brief of the payment method on your product receipt. You can keep a check at your refund status by contacting our billing department @ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Note: every bit of this information is related to the products bought and delivered by Infinity AutoSpares and not the ones you purchase from a third party or junkyard.

Where is your Refund?

To know the status of your refund contact drop a call to our billing department xxxxxxxxxx
Note: after we receive your return, the completion of refund procedure may take two weeks maximum.

How are the refunds processed?

Once your product reaches back to our warehouse, we would start the refund process. This might take 3 days and after the refund being processed, it may take some additional days to reach at your end. This often depends on your mode of payment.